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Aviator Visual Design Simulator

The realtime interactive visual tool for the Control System Engineer.

Key Benefits

Visualization blends the parameters of an aircraft's state into a fluid motion picture of a maneuver. 
It animates batch simulations, flight test data, or motion-based simulator data, adding to the engineer's knowledge of the design problem. 
Engineers gain a critical visual assessment of a control system saving cycle time and improving design safety. 
The interaction enables quick iteration new designs through a full flight envelope during realtime simulated environments. 
The distributed network architecture is built on standard Internet protocols and easily integrates with either in-house or off the shelf tools. 
Standard features include definable on-screen strip charts, articulated surfaces, DMA terrain data, and three virtual cameras. 
Special features have been added to support education and university research. 
AVDS is easily adapted for any vehicle-based simulation. 
AVDS connects to MATLAB®/Simulink® through the AVDS/MATLAB toolbox that included with AVDS.