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AVDS Toolbox for MATLAB®
The AVDS Toolbox for MATLAB® provides MATLAB® functions, Simulink® blocks and AVDS files that enable the user to make connections between simulations running in MATLAB®/Simulink® and AVDS. There are three connection types available between AVDS and MATLAB®. They are they are through:

Interactive Simulationa simulation of a user-defined vehicle or flight control system (FCS), that runs near real-time* in MATLAB® or Simulink®, while displaying the vehicle’s motion graphically and accepts user inputs through an external device such as a joystick or mouse.

Data Playback – a function that graphically animates one or more vehicles based on trajectory data that has been saved from MATLAB® or Simulink®.

Network Connectiona form of interactive simulation or data playback where users can send AVDS data packets across the local Ethernet connection from MATLAB® or Simulink® to AVDS. AVDS uses the positions, angular orientations and other information supplied in the packets to animate the vehicle(s).

* The term "near real-time" is used to indicate that these simulations will run close to real-time, but the closeness to real-time will depend on the computer hardware and the complexity of the simulations.

These are the Simulink Blocks that form connections between AVDS and Simulink®:



This is an example of using Simulink for the vehicle dynamics simulation and AVDS for the flight control system, user inputs and visuals:


This is an example of using Simulink for the flight control system  and AVDS for the vehicle dynamics, user inputs and visuals: